Welcome to Reedy Creek! 

Born and raised in the heart of southern Virginia, I've been deeply rooted in both faith and community values from a young age. Married to a hardworking farmer, I've embraced the joys and challenges of rural life, finding inspiration in the simplicity and beauty of everyday moments.

With over a decade of experience in education, I've always been passionate about nurturing growth and fostering creativity. However, it was my own journey through 6 years of infertility that truly reshaped my path. The miracle of welcoming our precious baby girl into our lives ignited a newfound passion for creating a space where mothers and children alike can feel cherished and celebrated.

At Reedy Creek, you'll find more than just clothing; you'll discover a curated collection of children's apparel designed to inspire joy and comfort. From adorable outfits that capture the essence of childhood to stylish pieces that empower mamas to feel confident and beautiful postpartum, every item is chosen with love and care.

But my love for design doesn't stop there. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for traditional-style home decor, I've curated a selection of timeless pieces that will add warmth and charm to any space. From cozy blankets to elegant accents, each item tells a story and invites you to create a home that reflects your unique style and personality.

At Reedy Creek, we believe in the power of connection, community, and faith. Whether you're searching for the perfect outfit for your little one or looking to refresh your home, we're here to help you find joy in the little things and celebrate life's beautiful moments. Welcome to our boutique—we can't wait to share this journey with you.


XO, Carrie